Math Class Poem

We Login to canvas, hopes are high, the grade is seen

Eyes full of sadness, followed by, lowered self esteem

Really mad about the letter, sick of my behavior

Effort put in is bad, could do better, I am a failure

Not doing homework is a choice that makes me free

Oddly thought I wouldn’t care yet this grade haunts me

Screams and shouts in my head, everything is gleaming

Terrified, yet I realized that I am dreaming

Returned to reality, the grade is still real and I am unbound

Amused by my lack of motivation, I going to turn this around

Need a better letter, F this grade, get up off the ground

Going to improve with all my distractions removed, the path has been found

Ending procrastination, discontinuation of a characterization, success is inbound

Relapse won’t happen, time to get smart

Starting over is falling apart, like going back to the start

Today is not the day to fail, I will pass the class

Of course, I must forecast to surpass this class you need to study which is ass

Long night of rest, got dressed hoping today would be different from the rest

Only, I guessed, because I was stressed, this wasn’t going to be my best test

Victory maybe near, only time will tell, which I can not foresee

Effort paid off, I passed at last, the grade I see is C

Read the first letter of each line

Author: Josh Goodreid

Editor: Willa Rodencal

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