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The Mud Bowl

Published By: Eli Lee At some point, someone or maybe even you might have wanted to lose weight. Whether its because they want to feel good about themselves or just to physically look better. My friend, Charlie, and I used to jog every single morning at 9 am because we wanted to lose weight. Of … Continue reading The Mud Bowl

Summer, 2018

By Lucas Schaff The best summer of my life (so far). It all started as a joke. As is often the case with freshly graduated high school students, I was aimlessly moving my way through my first year in community college. I thought I had an idea of where my life was going, but that … Continue reading Summer, 2018

Landing the Tantrum

Have you ever wanted to achieve something so badly you would do just about anything it took to make it happen? Well that is what I did last summer when I set mt mind on landing my first ever flip on a wakeboard, a Tantrum. A Tantrum is basically a fancy name for a backflip. … Continue reading Landing the Tantrum

The Berserker Blood Cult

The Story of My Quarantine Although the name may seem daunting and evil, this cult is all the opposite of those things. This is a “cult” that me and a few buddies have been actively partaking in over quarantine and it is all for a good cause. The main points and objectives of the cult … Continue reading The Berserker Blood Cult

My Trip to Virginia

Do you remember you senior year prom? Did you go out to eat? Take nice pictures? For me, I flew across the country to Virginia to go to prom. But before we get into that, let me explain why I went to Virginia.  It all started in 2017 when I met my friend, Livia, online … Continue reading My Trip to Virginia

Fear the Reaper

During my first semester at UW-Stout, in the Fall of 2019, I was enrolled in a class titled General Ethics. It covered the topic of moral philosophy and was taught by a man named Glenn Kuhn. This guy was the complete opposite of what one would expect of a philosophy teacher. Many would expect a … Continue reading Fear the Reaper