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Friendly Competitions

Have you ever been with your friends and some competitive event arises amongst the group? It may be physically related, such as sports. Or the completely random competitions, for example who can grow the best beard or who can shovel the driveway faster. An uncontrollable sensation builds up to win and losing is not an … Continue reading Friendly Competitions


Written by: Chuetou Kha During my years in junior high and high school, I really didn’t accept my identity as a Hmong person. I spoke the language, I looked like one, my last name declared it, and I grew up in the culture. Sure, the Hmong culture I grew up in wasn’t the traditional Hmong … Continue reading Hmongmerican?

Camping Trip

By: Marissa Steele I grew up loving the outdoors, camping with my family, spending weekends at the lake, or even just playing outside with my friends. My family took a lot of weekend camping trips around Minnesota with just my mom, dad, older sister, younger brother and I. This camping trip was going to be … Continue reading Camping Trip


The early sun broke the frost from the tips of the cattails. He dove the paddle deep into the creek. Each stroke, strong and true, threw him further from reality. This was the life he preferred. Simple. Living, breathing, taking, and giving, this was better. Better than the generation he was a part of. He … Continue reading Bloodline

Math Class Poem

We Login to canvas, hopes are high, the grade is seen Eyes full of sadness, followed by, lowered self esteem Really mad about the letter, sick of my behavior Effort put in is bad, could do better, I am a failure Not doing homework is a choice that makes me free Oddly thought I wouldn’t … Continue reading Math Class Poem

A Long Strange Trip.

Written by Willa Rodencal There are several moments in life I was able to predict. I could expect that each year your birthday will be on the same day, you can anticipate graduating from college, and you can plan what you will eat for breakfast for the week. I have always found myself to be … Continue reading A Long Strange Trip.

Making A Place To Pee

Memoir by August Galeazzi It was a Thursday, and time for lunch. Which means it was time for the weekly GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) meeting at my old high school. My friends Grayson, Mira, and I were the leaders. During these meetings we would talk about LGBT topics and events happening. We would also talk about … Continue reading Making A Place To Pee